Marketing Workshops

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Project Description


To strengthen organisational branding and create marketing purpose and blueprint for organisation that lacked marketing resources.



Our Workshop Services:

We can do 1/2 day and full day workshops that focus on branding, marketing or specific challenges, such as business review, competitive threats, new product introduction, etc.. We are also available to join your marketing planning days as an independent consultant / sounding board.


  • Conduct a 1 day offsite marketing workshop with key staff working through our brand pyramid process
  • Brainstorm big ideas to solidify the organisation’s vision
  • Produce follow-up action plan


  • Organisation was reinvigorated with purpose and a focus on priorities including development of a membership strategy and plan
  • Creation of strong brand tagline that supports marketing presence and is leading the way to a new brand identity
Through this high-value engagement Action Communications helped us better understand the foundations of branding and marketing, creating the perfect tagline in the process and highlighting what we need to do to transition the organisation to where we want to be. Work is ongoing towards this objective.
Mark Squires, Partnership Manager, Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation