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Project Description


To position Honey Gold mangoes as the best tasting mango in Australia thereby increasing demand and the price premium.


  • Conduct independent, statistically-valid, sensory research on the four main varieties of mangoes with regular consumers
  • Create an integrated PR campaign including Australia Day pack.
  • Create influential point of sales material that included fruit sticker, recipe cards and cut-outs


  • Research findings highlighted Honey Gold was the preferred fruit amongst 55 year olds and under
  • These positive findings enabled a credible marketing and newsworthy PR platform, which resulted in a major editorial spread in The Courier Mail, syndicated newspaper coverage, online food blogs and mass media sites, e.g. Taste.com and trade media
The solid findings from the research that Action Communications convinced us to do, helped us market and price our fruit with greater confidence, in particular to major supermarkets. We were also really happy with the newspaper articles and loved the photo.
Rebecca Scurr, Key Account Manager, Piñata Farms