Marketing Plans

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Project Description


To provide branding and marketing recommendations for the launch, sell-through and marketing of rural residential blocks near Kuranda in far north Queensland.


Our Marketing Plans:

Our marketing plans  can flex according to your budget and requirements. They can be short and sharp, following a workshop planning session, or can be detailed, incorporating a full market analysis, strategy, tactics, Gantt charts, budgets and schedules.


  • Brand workshop identified Jumrum Rainforest Estate’s USP and the brand promise of delivering an eco-lifestyle. Consequently the name was changed to eco@jumrum.
  • Detailed marketing plan developed covering  SWOT, Target markets, objectives and strategy, tactics budget and delivery schedule
  • Market strategy developed  to: position eco@jumrum as the leading eco-lifestyle residential development in Queensland through a holistic sales and marketing program that makes it easy for home owners to live an eco-friendly, technology-friendly life in one of the world’s most beautiful, natural environments


  • Marketing plan gave organisation a blue print to manage marketing and development of estate
  • By having a comprehensive business plan they were able to advance investment to bring forward the implementation of services (roads, kerbing, power etc.) in order to open up new stages ahead of initial plans.
We were very happy with the extensive marketing plan developed by Action for our unique real estate development in far north Queensland. Considering they were in Brisbane, we were in Emerald and the undeveloped estate was in Kuranda, Action’s strategic foresight and ideas resulted in a professional plan that laid the blueprint for all of our marketing intent.
Steve Taylor, CEO, Steve Taylor & Partners